October 21st, 2014
Had I not created my whole world, I would certainly have died in other people’s.
Anaïs Nin

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October 21st, 2014
Raise your expectations. Elongate your process. Lay on your death bed with a to-do list a mile long and smile at the infinite opportunity granted to you. Create ridiculous standards for yourself and then savor the inevitable failure. Learn from it. Live it. Let the ground crack and rocks crumble around you because that’s how something amazing grows, through the cracks.
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October 21st, 2014
It was autumn, the springtime of death. Rain spattered the rotting leaves, and a wild wind wailed. Death was singing in the shower. Death was happy to be alive.
Tom Robbins, from Still Life with Woodpecker (Bantam Books, 1980)

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October 21st, 2014


washington beaches are gorgeous

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October 21st, 2014
I don’t think I love
very many things but
here are the ones I
can think of:

I love the first sip
of coffee in the morning

I love reading someone
else’s words and finding
a connection in them

I love the feeling a
good song invokes

I love wondering

I love driving at night
with no destination

I love the gentle kind
of sadness like a reminder
that I can feel.
Marianna Paige 
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October 20th, 2014

So… okay. Yes. umm. Gah, let’s try and formulate a full sent… Nope…

Shia LaBeouf for Interview Magazine November 2014

photography: Craig Mcdean
styling: Karl Templer

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October 20th, 2014
'In the beginning of their relationship, both proceeded as if they had entered a very dark room and were sliding their hands hesitantly up and down all the walls, feeling for a light switch while at the same time afraid that they might touch something sharp or dangerous. But from the minute they met, there was absolutely no game playing between them because they had had enough of that in their lives. They were eager to get to the heart of this matter. Both wanted to reach the point as soon as possible where sharing silence was just as good as sharing their life stories.
Jonathan Carroll 

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October 20th, 2014
Am I In Your Light
Ben Howard

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October 20th, 2014


Held up a movie theater audience at gunpoint during a showing of “Bambi.”

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