August 21st, 2014
I lean to you, numb as a fossil. Tell me I’m here.
Sylvia Plath 

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August 21st, 2014


This is one of those spots you walk around in silence and awe (Ice Caves, WA)

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August 21st, 2014

I woke up this morning and went to the beach, except for the very sporadic walker, the beach felt like it belonged to me, and me to it.

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August 21st, 2014

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August 21st, 2014
What is the feeling when you’re driving away from people and they recede on the plain till you see their specks dispersing? - it’s the too-huge world vaulting us, and it’s good-by. But we lean forward to the next crazy venture beneath the skies.
On The Road, Jack Kerouac

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August 20th, 2014
Never look back unless you are planning to go that way.
Henry David Thoreau 
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August 20th, 2014
Touch me without using your hands.
Six Word Story

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August 20th, 2014


Emerson Fry

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