October 10th, 2011

Me, today. On the farm with a list of chores to do. I couldn’t be happier. 

Levi’s men’s shirt- $3
Bean Boots- Christmas Gift
Lee’s jeans- $10 

(Source: thatkindofwoman)

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    Thatkindofwoman. I adore her corner of the web.
  2. lubna said: Top photo…cutest ever.
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    Dammit, me too now.
  4. orangemornings said: Dear God, you are impeccable.
  5. jthebeatfreak said: gorgeous !
  6. harborwillow said: you’re so cute! I know that’s not the right word for your aesthetic, but this is just really cute :)
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  8. malofamerica said: Kat those glasses are perfect for you.
  9. amietron said: Hi Kat, Are those the men’s brown/brown Bean boots? Or the Signature women’s?
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