December 5th, 2011

This is my face today. 

  1. fire-or-freshness said: sweet heavens, your hair is MAGIC. <3
  2. rose-colored said: always appreciating Kat in color
  3. something-vicious-this-way-comes said: it’s such an interesting, expressive face.
  4. randomitus said: :)
  5. geesebump reblogged this from thatkindofwoman and added:
    good job face, good job
  6. engineeringdreams said: Isn’t that the same face you had yesterday? :p
  7. purpleishboots said: Doe-eyed stare.
  8. rsmsl said: you have a nice face, zomg those lips!
  9. lower said: IT’S MONDAY!
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