October 29th, 2012

The other night, Taylor, Kristen and I got to hang out with a couple guys who have started their own brewery in our town. We all brought some beer and did some talking and tasting while the guys were standing some of the tanks up. 

My favorite beer of the night was the Dogfish Head 75 minute. So delicious. 

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  1. thealderist said: So much respect for loving Dogfish Head 75 minute….they make GREAT IPAs!
  2. finallymovingforward said: As someone already mentioned, you have to try the raison D’Etre if you haven’t already, one of my favorites
  3. coffeefriend said: better than the 90 minute IPA?
  4. classicallytrainedtokickyourass said: Have you ever tried the 90 minute IPA or the Raison d’Etre? the 75 minute is tasty as hell, but I like those two better, personally.
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  6. baertruth said: delicious
  7. nobunnyluvsyou said: one of my fave beers!
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