January 2nd, 2013

Officially an IPhone 5 owner!

Now, what apps should I get (…besides my obvious Tumblr, Instagram & Twitter)?

  1. deirdreand answered: The Downton Abbey app! NPR, Pandora, Dictionary, Unblock Me. Also, download Onavo Extend to conserve your data usage. (It’s free!)
  2. tob357 answered: Google Maps, Agenda, Flixster, CameraBag, Buffer, AP, NatGeo, Nike+ Fuelband, Pocket First Aid, Space WX, Mobile, Photoset,
  3. honeydirt answered: Wunderlist! My go to for organization :)
  4. chantlove answered: squaready is a must if you use instagram and hate the cropping!
  5. amoraliste answered: KitCam is by far the best photo/video app. 360 Panorama is awesome. Photoset is a must. Star Walk is magical. Evernote always comes in handy.
  6. tumbld-to-town answered: etsy
  7. thousandsofleaves answered: songza, 8mm
  8. roserogue answered: aviary, google maps, songza, yaniv, snapchat!
  9. dolcestilnovo answered: Something that does GPS stuff well.
  10. rgbrie answered: Afterglow for photos; iTunes U to learn things; Labelbox for more photo fun; Weather Doodle for beautiful temps; PIc frame for pics, too!
  11. vibrantkick said: Get: Flipboard, Words with Friends, Fuego, Camera +, Evernote, Snapseed, Game ur Video, Hours Tracker and Pocket ! All the best, Vibrant Kick
  12. cnddang answered: VSCO cam is a great filter app!
  13. livinglagomly answered: Flashlight, Fruit Ninja, many camera apps
  14. farsideoftown answered: Flipboard!
  15. girlsack answered: uniqlo wake up
  16. falser answered: Photoshop Express can be useful for quick touch ups on photos. Nike Training club, starbucks. I also use Evernote for organization.
  17. doarteveryday answered: Songza!
  18. unframedpictures answered: CrossProcess and Lo-Mob :)
  19. disasterologie answered: Graditude Journal… it’s a cute little app that let’s you track 5 things you’re thankful for everyday
  20. fintan-gilbert answered: Flipboard, displays your favourite websites in a magazine format. Lovely.
  21. amydruliner answered: Pic Stitch
  22. culturallymisremembered answered: Shazam definitely
  23. life-theuniverse-everything answered: songza!!!
  24. myownbreed said: Snapseed and Split Cam are great photo apps
  25. g-lrn answered: i love swackett for weather because it gives you suggestions for weather fitting clothing! and their app flashometer is light and weather :)
  26. hobohemea answered: Sleep Cycle!
  27. hazel said: Letterpress!
  28. lanthracite said: Oh and use Google maps instead of Apple’s! Evernote is an essential as well
  29. masonjarmoutainlove answered: emoticon - its free, don’t buy it. then you get lots of cool emotis
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