January 13th, 2013
you're a big woman. by big i mean chubby. pretty but chubby. do you ever think about losing weight? not rude; only real.

Hi there. 

I am 5’9”. My thighs touch and rub together, my breasts are large, and I have, what I kindly and fondly call, a pooch.

I have no problem with my body. Sure, there are styles of clothing that don’t suit my shape, and times when I wish I could do a little flattening. 

But, I can honestly tell you I have never been so grateful for my body as I have been recently. Do you ever just think about how wonderful it is? The unique amazing qualities, what it allows you to do. Damn, it’s beautiful.

Sure you might classify me as “chubby” others say “curvy”, “solid” or “buxom” and occasionally from others who have hatred in their hearts I have been called fat. Any way you label it, it’s never going to be your choice what my body is. No one will have the choice to make my body any different, except me.

I recently started working out. I started doing Yoga twice a week, I am eating less processed foods. Not, mind you, so that I can be “skinny”. Here’s a secret; I was not born to be skinny. I carry weight on my body like I carry my ideas and passions, with pride. 

I don’t want to become skinny, but what I want is my body to be as equally soft as strong. I want to be more flexible, more comfortable. I want to make my body work for me. It’s a blessed thing, my body. It’s lovely.

Lovely and beautiful. It’s all mine, too. Weight isn’t the issue. I weigh in the above 150 below 200 range, and have been that way since I was 17. I don’t really need to change my weight, but I need to take what has been given me, and treat it with respect and love. Making sure my body lasts as long as my head and heart do. 

In that goal lies exercising and improving. Not weigh loss. 

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