January 14th, 2013


I woke up to a beautiful day.
Went to the gym and felt good.
My mom gave me a new plant
Went for a drive with my mom.
Saw my dad, and my parent’s farm and dogs.
Then I picked up the old Saab and drove to a Wegman’s.
Where I bought some beautiful veggies that weren’t going to be in our CSA box.
Then I drove on the backroads home listening to music.
I also had bought a couple different bunches of flowers and made myself a bouquet.
I did some plant rearranging.
Then I did yoga in my room.
Took a very hot shower.
Used this body wash that makes me smell like peppermint.
I made a big salad for Taylor and I.
I walked all over town with Oscar.
I scheduled a movie and beer date.  
I also giggled and ran around my apartment being chased and poked by my sister.
Now I am listening to music on an amp I hooked up to my computer.
As well as drinking a delicious IPA.

It’s been a rather good day.  

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