January 15th, 2013
Is there a meaning behind a tattoo of a bee for you? and where would you get it?

Yes, I think that without meaning it would be more of a decorative thing, and I don’t think that I could permanently put something decorative on my body.

The bee is a complex and unique insect. Not only does its life revolve around a one for all mentality, but each bee has a specific purpose and mission. They anatomically shouldn’t be able to fly, so they are against the odds succeeding. They are selfless, and driven. They also survive through many bizarre and amazing circumstances and have been with humans since the beginning of time. They are also a beautiful thing.

My parents are recreational bee keepers. It reminds me of them, and their dedication to keep these tiny little beings alive, healthy and happy. My dad especially fusses over the bees, and my mom constantly reminds him that they are independent and can handle the changing of the seasons, or rough weather.  It reminds me of how my parents have raised my siblings and I, how we were raised firmly but also taught to be independent and self aware.  

Lastly, look at what they produce, delicious glorious honey. Apart from being divinely delicious, it is also credited as a source of healing for thousands of years. Rather fascinating don’t you think?

Anyway, as for placement? 

Well, my parent’s aren’t very behind body modification, but since they read my blog it’s not like I can tell you my secret location and they wouldn’t find out. Then again it’s not like my mother won’t figure it out. She’s all knowing.  I have thought about a couple different places. On my right ribs, closer to my armpit, on my forearm, or behind my ear.  These are all hypothetical places, that most likely won’t happen. 

I also am very clear on knowing what it looks like, but at this point and time it’s not a priority, financially or even in my grand plans and desires. 

  1. lovethereasons said: I’ve been planning a bee tattoo as well! My family keeps bees too. For my placement I was thinking about on the side of my lower thigh next to my knee…you know, so it’s the bees knees.
  2. the-bellhop said: Bees can also detect land mines, just as an interesting side note.
  3. virginiabred said: My next tattoo will be of a Bee; for different reasons though.
  4. mishproductions said: My uncle also does some recreational bee keeping. From the first time I visited I almost felt at ease around the bees. I had no problems getting close to their hives. I know that, for the most part, they will just fly past you without even noticing.
  5. joyinthecity said: This is beautiful.
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