January 15th, 2013

NYC friends…

Thinking of coming up on Saturday, would you like to meet up?

I am need of:

  • Photo adventures
  • Window shopping
  • Whiskey & Craft Beer drinking
  • People Watching
  • Karaoke
  • Museum walking
  • All around goofing around

Sound like a good day? Let me know?

  1. longchainofiron reblogged this from thatkindofwoman
  2. thisisteariffic answered: I second Kyoko’s request. I’m gonna be meeting up with her Valentine’s weekend!
  3. plutarchbroughtbourbon answered: Sounds like a bloody good day.
  4. komal88ad answered: I wish I was in NYC :) All these things sound lovely !
  5. thefearsarepapertigers answered: If you’re ever coming to Paris…
  6. dwnthetracks answered: So wish I was still there it makes me cry thinking about missing out :(
  7. greyston answered: perhaps char 4 or brandy library to satiate your thirst. slainte!
  8. pardonmyreach said: I can help with the whiskey part! It would also be a pleasure to see you in the city again.
  9. idancohen2 answered: We’re up for some of the above (including karaoke), let us know.
  10. ohplatypodes answered: I would go with you if you are taking the train from Philly. But I must go to Purl Soho.
  11. christianavickrey answered: If we were friends, and you were going to be in the city on Valentines weekend, I would so be down!
  12. deadanchor answered: If we were friends, I would do everything on that list with you. Sounds like an awesome day! :)
  13. caro answered: It’s rum, not whiskey, but you should check out the Noble Experiment distillery in Brooklyn. It’s brand new and run by an awesome gal.
  14. whiskeysoaked answered: yep do it
  15. randomthoughtsndogs said: I live 15 min away, I’m down! :)
  16. brain-food said: BETTER BE THERE VDAY WEEKEND!
  17. brain-food answered: YOU
  18. desertstrings answered: I’m actually going to be in the city that day doing the same exact things for my birthday.
  19. sankofanyc said: Yay… Sign me up for museum walking! :p
  20. seadiamond answered: Sounds like a great day… In Melbourne, Australia <3 come here!
  21. caryrandolph answered: Would love to see you, sweet thing!
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