January 24th, 2013
Most of the time, you sound like a stupid innocent girl. Perhaps you should pare down your replies to one or two lines. Thanks.

Most of the time, I delete rude anonymous messages, but I just wanted to apologize and ask the person that is forcing you to read my blog to please stop, let this person go and live their life and not have to read my blog. Please, I beg you. Let them go. They deserve more. 


Oh, whoops I suppose I went over one or two lines again. 

  1. lazyandunoriginal said: We should hit squad these anon fools with some broken arrow justice.
  2. thousandsofleaves said: don’t let anyone tell you what to do or say!!! especially men!!!
  3. wellpressedgamer said: Gotta love anon haters. If you want to talk shit, at least have the good graces to put your name on it. Christ almighty.
  4. arrectorpili said: soulja gurl, tell em
  5. x-thumbelina said: Fabulous. x
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