January 29th, 2013
Do you have any advice on how to get over a broken heart? I dated my ex for more than 2 years, he ended things a few months ago. We tried the friends thing, but it didn't work out. Now he acts as if we never had met. It pains me every time I think of him, of all the memories we had together and now how pointless they were.

No matter what, I want you to understand that just because I may write some enlightening words, that your heart is your own and you have every right to let it feel just how it will feel. 

Also, start by reading these two other advice pieces I wrote up 1 & 2

Done reading those? Because they help, a little. At least to realize that basking in crappy emotions help. Do that. Get angry, sad and put yourself in despair. Burn something, break something, make your body ache with an intense workout.

Now, realize that any memories that you have with him do matter, they are not pointless. They have lead you to who you are right now, reading this. They are memories, stepping stones, they are learning experiences.

You don’t have to hash out what you have learned and what you didn’t. It’s not pros and cons. It’s life. Now, thank the powers that be that you now have only yourself to take care of. You. You don’t have kids, or a house or anything that has bound you to him forever. Not that those things would ever be bad, but just be grateful that this didn’t happen years down the line.

Be grateful that you now have removed someone from your life who obviously isn’t good for you. For whatever reason that he broke up with you, the fact is he wasn’t willing to work through those things with you, and he is now removed. 

The memories of him may not be, but those will become less painful and more bitter sweet. 

You will find someone. I promise you. Maybe not the love of your life, but life will bring someone into your life that will make you laugh, and keep you up late at night with parties, or stories. They will take trips with you, and joke with you. 

The voids will fill, and you will grow. You will be fine. Not tomorrow, maybe not in 3 months from now, but you will be better than fine.

Just remember a couple things: Don’t lose yourself just because you lost him. Don’t remove the pain with anything that will or can hurt you. Remember you have friends and family and yourself. Be your best support. Read, write, sing, dance. Do things. Don’t sit around feeling sorry for yourself longer than a couple weeks, or a couple days. 

Take this as an opportunity to re-acquaint yourself with you. 

Good luck. It’ll be okay. I promise. 

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