April 29th, 2013


Crown Braid Chignon Tutorial

(via OnceWed)

1. French braid front section of hair from one ear to the other. Leave end of braid out until Step 7.

2. Take the top section of hair, tease it and pin securely with bobby pins creating a half up – half down look.

3. Then starting on one side of the hair take a section of hair, twist it and bring it the opposite side and pin it with bobby pins. Make sure to cover the previously secured bobby pins from Step 1.

4. + 5. Then take the remaining “tail” from the section of hair just pinned with an additional section of hair, creating one section of hair, twist and bring it the opposite side and pin securely with bobby pins directly under the previous twist.

6. Repeat the process until there is no longer any more sections on either side and you are left with just the “tails”.

7. + 8. Pin the remaining “tails” by twisting and overlapping, mimicking the overlap twist look.

9. + 10.  After all hair is twisted and pinned, bring the braid into the back and secure with bobby pins. Making the “tail” of the braid mimic the already pinned twists.

11. After all is hair and braid is pinned securely, gently tug at hair creating a looser more full look.

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