December 24th, 2012

I find myself staring at tall men who are unforgiving in their character.
They saunter into rooms only to charm each person occupying it.
Smiles reach their eyes, and handshakes never cut you off at the knuckles.
They don’t use bottle openers on counter tops and tables,
but pull some magic from their keychains and pockets.
They sneak to surfaces, while holding conversations,
and balance caps then the swift palm moving downward.
There goes the cap.
Then they continue.

I don’t know how to approach these men, don’t know what to say.
I mention the occasion which draws us together.
Or I go rogue, asking them what place,
if they had unlimited funds,
would they go for 4 days.
What would they do?

I wonder who these men are,
what music they listen to,
and how they found me.

These types of men are rare,
but even rarer is that they are truly what I see,
because really,
who ever really sees the truth of what is going on.  

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December 7th, 2012

I like men with flaws. 
Too big hands, scars on their legs, and wonky smiles.
I don’t like men who are too pretty.
Give me some unruly hair, a crooked nose.  
Give me a deep rumbly voice that doesn’t match his mouth.
A patch of beard that won’t be tamed.
Give me two different color eyes.
I want to see what makes them different.

What sets them apart by my senses.
I want to touch the faults that make you up.  
I want to see the imperfection. 

I want to categorize each one to someday write down and remember how I became so familiar with them. 

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December 4th, 2012

For the brother, or dad, the boyfriend or best guy friend. 

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August 1st, 2012
Harking back to teen years, but Why do men in their 20s ignore females they have been flirting with?

Men in their 20s are a mystery. A mystery wrapped in an enigma. 

My thoughts? Off the record, so that any of my male followers be they 21 or 38, or anywhere inbetween, don’t think I am distributing my opinion all willy nilly….

A very few amount of men know what they want. Heck, anyone in their 20s, male or female, knows exaclty what they want. If they do, they usually go for it. Or they are waiting for it. It may be casual encounters, it may be a friend with benefits, it may be someone who is looking for a long lasting love. 

Imagine that you, whoever you are reading this, is going to live until you are 99 years old, god bless you. Let’s say at the youngest you are 21 and at the oldest you are 30. You have 70+ years left to live. That to men, and some women, is daunting. Let’s say that for 50 of those years you are committed to one person. That is a lifetime, a lifetime where you will grow, change, develop, decline… etc. Then you take into account that your partner in life is also going to change… I see it in my parents. Who after 28 years together, are starting to date again. Raising three kids, making them your fulltime commitment changes the way you are, who you are. Now you have to figure out who your spouse is, your goals, your new or changed personality quirks. The kids are grown, taking on challenges and responsibilities of their own.

You are now dating your spouse. Vacations, nights out to eat, no longer are you constantly tugged in the direction of your kids…..

Okay, okay, I digress.

Commitment is terrifying. Especially when you think about how much time you have to get to know someone as a friend. Or, maybe they chicken out. Ignore you because they can’t voice their issues. 

Or maybe, these guys are just asshats. Excuse the language. They’d rather pass up the opportunity to get to know a girl. And would rather go for a short term fulfillment casual flirting, try and get in your pants, but be a relatively nice guy about it. The I am a manwhore and I know it, and I can move on if you aren’t interested, mentality.

I am no expert. I go to bars, bookstore, parks, libraries and other places  to watch interactions, and occasionally have some of my own. This is where I tend to think of myself gaining more footing in understanding the way people date. But, I may be wrong. 

Personally, I tend to be blunt with guys who flirt with me, okay… okay I admit, I flirt back first. A little hair toss, a little shimmy shake, I order a whiskey, neat and do a little spin on the bar stool.

But, I am me, and that comes with blunt observations. If you are going to flirt with me one day, (and I am not talking about a casual mutually understood oh hey you are attractive, oh hey I am attractive let’s jokingly flirt, I am talking about you make me feel like the only girl in the room type flirting, if that exists anymore) and ignore me the next. I will call you out. I will good-naturedly harass you. Albeit with a wicked twinkling gleam in my eyes, but you and I both knew that if you were really invested in me, you’d have gotten my number and called. Or come back a second time to flirt again. Test the waters, see where it could go.

But, that’s just me. My tactics sometimes gains me respect, or other times it gets me ignored.  Maybe it’s why I make a great wingman to all my buddies, (I ask what they want and try to help them negotiate the tricky waters of what women wear to the bar and how that tells you what they are expecting for the evening) and maybe my tactics are why I am single. 

March 25th, 2012

This is handsome Zeph. You are welcome internet, very welcome. 

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March 23rd, 2012



Jeremy Kirkland.

I am inspired by my friends. Are you?

March 22nd, 2012


Tretorn were very nice to ask me to be a part of their new Nylite Project. So of course I said yes when Steve and James told me the concept was based on a DIY idea. Before I got the package with included dyes and markers, I knew I wanted to make a green pair; so ordered a pack of RIT Kelly Green Dye. Come to find out the package included an Olive Green dye as well. So I ended up just mixing 2 parts Olive and 1 part Kelly Green.

Here’s how they turned out!  

Honey Boo Boo was part of it too! 

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March 22nd, 2012


Tretorn asked me to customize a pair of their classic Nylite Canvas Sneakers and sent along a bunch of goodies such as markers and dyes with the shoes to help with the process. I decided to do a black to white dip dyed fade using some of the black fabric dye they sent. 

I mixed the dye and got the shoes completely wet with warm water. I then let them sit halfway submerged in the dye for a minute or two. Since the shoes were wet the dye was drawn up past the point they were submerged creating the fade to white. I let them dry over the next two days and the rinsed them out top to bottom which helped to create an even gradient.

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March 22nd, 2012


Oscar, bromance and the brains behind “Gant Rowing Race” at the R.L flagship store opening in Stockholm yesterday.

Drinking Môet on Ralphs’ tab somehow felt a bit Robin Hood-ish.


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March 22nd, 2012


John Mayer.

JUSTIN, your photography is a wonderland. 

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