October 19th, 2014

17 women, several tents, waterfalls, bacon, a campfire, rain, snow, mud, muck, a small run in with the forest law.

It was a hell of a trip, and I met some truly fascinating and inspiring women. Some like the generous and awesome Lauren from handcraftedinvirginia &  the driven and beautiful Joy from morningslikethese who I’ve known for years, then others like  the open hearted and enthusiastic Emma of  emcalaryphotography, the hilarious and talented Kelly of kellyelainesmith, the kind and spectacular Rebecca of A Daily Something,  the stunner & all star Chaucee of Streets & Stripes and so many more. Each and every one of them a fantastic woman. 

Huge thanks to unitedbyblue for bringing us together into the Pennsylvania mountains and having us all #camplikealady. 

(Huge thanks Em, Kelly & Rebecca for snapping the photos of me cooking!)

October 16th, 2014

On Saturday…

I’m going camping with a group of women (no boys allowed) including morningslikethese, it’s hosted by the amazing unitedbyblue specifically the ladies there that kick ass, kellyelainesmith and Brianna.

I’m beyond excited, and planning out some treats to bake and make tomorrow. I’m also probably going to borrow Pop Keegan’s Vanagon as the past couple days have been quite rainy. Yay!

So, keep up with me over on my instagram @tkowkat. 

October 11th, 2014


I don’t even know what a date is anymore. All I want to do is cook for someone and fatten them up this time of year for optimum snuggling. Then build a stone oven at my parent’s place, have drinks with friends & their significant others, and go hiking. I think I’m nesting. 

October 10th, 2014

All from scratch, bread, hummus, four herb olive oil dip. 

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October 9th, 2014

Fall is a time for more quiet time, for projects, for a reboot. Something about the weather change, and the dying leaves. Something about the grey sky and mornings. 

I’ll be creating small things more, including these cowl scarves. I might even through a select run of them for a holiday shop in November. I’ll keep you all updated. 

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October 8th, 2014

just gonna let the beauty of bon iver carry me through quiet routine before bed, maybe a small cry because, god damn. I can’t make you love me. 

October 7th, 2014

Went out on a nature walk with mum. More moving and shaken’ for me this fall. 

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October 7th, 2014

Deniro, the cat impression, “are you, talkin’ to me?”

Formally known as Percy, I’ve been trying to change his name. I’ve settle on  Rocky “Rocket” Racoon. Cause there’s nothing out there like him, but him. That’s a hard GOTG reference.

But, this is my big, messy, sometimes mean, boy. He’s currently in my bed, waiting for me to turn out the lights and go to sleep. Poor Pippa is a mess of nerves, because he is determined his life’s purpose should be to chase her. Or make her run, or surprise her. She’s getting used to him. moment by moment.

Anyway, here he is. Rocky.  

October 4th, 2014

Something my soul needs…

I still have faith that I will meet a mate.
Faith, no. No, not faith. 
Faith is poured from the mouths of people devoted to something.

I have hope. Or, I hope. As a noun, it’s a pretty little package, edges neatly wrapped, folded just so. Like someone measured out the size, this length, this width, this piece of tape, this string.

Hope. verb. to want something to happen or be the case. No guarantees. No money back. No exchanges.

Believing that something could happen. Believing that someone out there is someone suited to me. To my flaws.

My sailor’s mouth. My tendency to push my feelings down into the crevices between my lungs and ribs, so they drag me down, until something so small will set off the softness that’s inside. My constant need of affection, and my occasional need for complete solitude. My demands, upon a mate, upon my lover, upon my partner. My demands that you not treat me with kid gloves. 

My need to touch. My occasional, to me frequent to you, smack to the shoulder. My absolute genuine idiot exclamations. That I cry. I cry when I see road kill, or when a groot dies, oblivious to my surroundings. I cry when a song curls up at the base of my spine. I cry when I truly absolutely feel loved. I cry when I lose a pet, a companion, a best friend in the shape of a cat, dog, or horse. Oh how I cry then. I cry for people I’ve never met. I cry for people who don’t exist. 

I hold back my tears when I fall. When I take layers off my skin, foolishly, leaving battle scars from carelessness. When I trip and slam my leg into a metal trailer filled with hay. My lip may tremor, til I bite it all back, my voice a bit choked. I laugh. When I slice my fingers when dicing peppers. When a jagged piece of metal slices a 4 inch cut down my arm. When I slip, and my knuckles scrape off the sides of pool tables, only to come back missing some of my skin, and stinging. 

This doesn’t mean I don’t need someone to take care of me, it means I need it more than ever. When I hold back, is the time I need someone to pay more attention than ever. 

I want to make a person a part of my home. My mate, our home. I want to share. I want to work side by side. I hope. 

I nearly had a mate. a couple times in fact. but as my mother reminds me… “Katharine, he was a very nice guy, a great guy, but you know he’s not the guy for you.”

Yes, Katharine. You can’t save the boys who are too rowdy and who want to move mountains. You can’t change the boys who are in men’s bodies, who fumble your love like a football during recess. I can’t take in strays because they have beautiful bits about them, their hands, their compassion, their eyes, their honesty, their pride.

I hope it’s….. I just hope that one day it’s just right with someone. That I’d tear through the wilderness to be with him, and he’d fight a grizzly to be with me. The wilderness and grizzly being all the shit that brings us down individually, personally, professionally, romantically.

I fucking hope that I don’t keep on hoping forever. I hope my heart doesn’t give up on me. That one day I’ll be in the universe’s debt. That this mate will…. just be. 

September 26th, 2014

Life Lately via my instagram @tkowkat

  • Gifted from a generous friend, I now possess a limited 10 year aged Bourbon 
  • Treat yourself to homemade fries & burgers. Extra Pickles.
  • Details around the loft above the Publishing house, which is my apartment/family museum. 
  • Beginning my work mornings with some tea & honey straight off the comb. 
  • High heeled boots to make me feel extra vampy this fall.
  • Another scene in the PH loft.
  • Greeting the day with Izzy at the farm when Mum & Pop Keegan went to NYC last weekend. 

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September 24th, 2014

I love when you tell me I’m wrong.
When I can’t beat you.
When the eight ball is against the rail.
When it’s only a bank shot.
When you tell me nice girls don’t drink whiskey or play pool.
I love when you tell me I intimidate you.
When you tell me I’m tall.
I know. I know all of it. 

I love when you tell me I’m pretty good.
I don’t really care.
I will tell you the truth. 

Don’t try and coach me in pool.
Don’t buy me a shot I won’t like.
Don’t try and call me sweetheart.
Don’t try and get close by treating me like a lost girl.
Don’t tell me I won’t make it.

I will.

I love winning.
When I sink the eight.
When I reveal a flush.
When I stand and declare my victory. 
I love to smile, laugh, and win. 

I was taught to be me.
My father, and mother.
My brother.
My sister. 

I’m ruthless. 
And I don’t mind beating you.
In fact, I love it. 

September 8th, 2014

Life lately.

I’m officially a freelance Visual Merchandiser, this past week, and this week I’ve been plotting and executing some great retail spaces in unitedbyblue's flagship store on North 2nd Street in Old City Philadelphia. 

I’ve also been spending more time at the farm, as my parent’s help me source, clean, build and create some of the props and furniture. They are essentially, my creative partners with all things in The Publishing House Company. In the barn, cutting wild and domestic grasses, exploring the architecture for possible events in the future. 

Percy, my Main Coon has been with me a couple weeks now, and he’s a hoot. Something out of a Dr. Suess book, he flips, flops dips, dives and jumps. He also sleeps, terrorizes Pippa, and loves to talk. 

My kitchen, at one time was my entire studio apartment, has now become half a planting/floral studio workspace, and half an office.

Anyway, keep up with my life via my twitter & instagram @tkowkat.

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