April 22nd, 2014

Yesterday was a fantastic day, I woke up early, made breakfast and drove down to Wissahickon Valley. I met up with the crew from unitedbyblue to hike and participate, I cannot abide calling myself a model, in a photo shoot for their fantastic products with a really great New York wood worker named Brian (pictured above in our blooper selfie). 

We hiked for most of the morning, then got lunch and supplies to pseudo camp out in Fort Washington Park. It was fantastic. Not only did I get to roast marshmallows, but Brian and I chopped wood with an axe, which I am slightly good at. I learned I am very good at throwing a knife, and less successful at throwing a wonky hatchet.  I came home smelling like a campfire, my hands a mess and a little gash on my palm from the axe handle. 

I genuinely had a fantastic time not only hiking and camping but with being a very positive person, which I feel has been very difficult for me lately. The UBB gang are enthusiastic, encouraging and awesome. They have a wonderful dynamic and have a wonderful business. 

If you have not yet checked them out, please do at: http://unitedbyblue.com

April 3rd, 2014

Just a couple things from over on my instagram: @tkowkat

Dressing up like “Carmen San Dindigo” as a friend said, had me laughing most of the day. Next, a pot of pulled pork with herbs a favorite as the weather is changing. Haha, who am I kidding, a favorite all the time. A bottle of Bulleit Rye, now stocked at my local spirits store I had to bring home. Finally, my Eastland Mocs, which I am having a difficult time not styling outfits around constantly.

March 30th, 2014
Spent some of today giving areas of my apartment TLC, really coming along for being the utmost cozy. 

Spent some of today giving areas of my apartment TLC, really coming along for being the utmost cozy. 

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February 28th, 2014

This and that, and everything in between. I’m on instagram @tkowkat.

Very anxious for the summer yellows and oranges, cocktails with citrus, and breaking bread outside.


Boots at Vagabond in Old City | Glasses from Warby Parker they are the Finch | Shirt from Madewell |Thrifted sign | Rug Purchased from Vagabond | Fresh Baked French Bread based on Julia Child’s Recipe

February 27th, 2014
Today on North 3rd St I saw this lovely little picture in my mind before I even captured it.

Today on North 3rd St I saw this lovely little picture in my mind before I even captured it.

February 25th, 2014

Some beautiful things in my life for the past few weeks from New York to Philadelphia to Home which is in between…

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January 28th, 2014

Today I went back into the first city I ever fell in love with, New York. I was asked by the ever amazing Marketing crew at Club Monaco to come down and see the newest location they have opened in NYC.

On Spring and Broadway, this gem awaits. Everything outside was blistering winds and chilling cold, but inside were spring whites, blooming flowers and merchandising a shop girl dreams of. Inspired by the traditional SoHo style, the whole shop had a homie boutique feel mixed with modern touches.

It was, in one word, enchanting. 

January 7th, 2014

Recently I have been arranging all the things I have accumulated over the years to make my home into what seemingly resulted in an extension of a Wes Anderson film set. Especially as I have been home less and less working full time in Philadelphia. 

I’ve decided a couple things. One of them being I’m not a city girl. Second, I haven’t traveled this amaziing country I love in enough. And third that I need to become my own boss, eventually. So, I have a general idea in mind (aka in the daydream section of my brain), and now it’s about making it all into a reality, with the help of everyone in my life, family, friends, and kindreds. We’ll see how fast/slow/ painful it all may be. How many tears I may shed, and how many times I get back on my feet. I need to stop being so damn scared of things. The first things being making everyplace I am feel like home. 

Here’s to the new year, everyone. I’m going to do something terrifying, and exhausting, but amazingly fun.

December 22nd, 2013

24 years ago, I was born and brought a whole lot of trouble into the world. For everyone involved.

At 6 I decided I wanted to be an equestrian, at 16 I wanted to be a writer, and at 19 I decided to be an english teacher. Now, at 24, I realize that no matter what I do I should follow my head and heart and try to have as much fun doing what I’m good at. 

This year has been unbelievable in showing me my talents, and my weaknesses. Some more prominent than others. Above is a picture of my sister and I, me on the left. I’m not the little girl I once was, maybe as my parents still see me, but I’m pretty proud of the woman I am. Here’s to more years of becoming a better version of myself then the year before. 

And, I’m hoping to take you with me everyday.

November 5th, 2013

This beach in Buffalo NY will always be a place in my heart. Follow my instagram for more places and things @tkowkat

November 4th, 2013

As a kid with severe, life-threatening, food allergies everyone always asked first what I was allergic to. Oh, just all dairy products and derivatives, and all fish; shell and fresh water. I then tell them that the only other people who have ever prepared meals for me are my parents. Next, people asked in disbelief… “What do you eat?”

These are mostly breakfasts, and not every meal I have ever made. But really it’s not that hard to make amazing comfort food. Hearty, homemade,  healthy food, with a dairy/fish food allergy. 

October 30th, 2013

The easiest thing I have found in this world to do is to capture physical things and moments.

  1. Oscar, my boyfriend dog.
  2. Succulent loves.
  3. Blooming flowers from strangers yards.
  4. My parents hands, clasped in love. 
October 19th, 2013

My big sister is actually littler. But here she is being all cute.

October 10th, 2013

From earlier today “Fresh out of the oven, come and get it!”

September 17th, 2013

WIWT with my new Phillip Lim bag for Target.

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